Financing formulas for startups

In economics, the term “startup” identifies a company with temporariness prerogatives or a capital company looking for a scalable business model. Initially, the expression limited only those emerging realities operating on the merits of information technology; today, with the growing influence of the Internet software world, this expression indicates other sectors.

The financing formulas provide for non-repayable loans or low-interest loans, with a financial allocation that touches the ceiling of € 80,000; the call is active until funds run out.

Start Up: some numbers

In our country, about four thousand startups are registered in the dedicated register, up 16.7% on the previous year.
Lombardy is the Region that hosts the largest number of these new realities: 876, or 21.8% of the total in Italy: Emilia-Romagna follows with 482, Lazio 390, Piedmont and Veneto with 298. Precisely because of this exponential phenomenon, activities with brilliant growth prospects and prerogatives strictly linked to innovation are interested in specific financing plans.

Large institutes dedicated to innovation, such as Luisiana University, encourage the funding of new interesting projects under the aforementioned profiles.

How these loans work and who they are targeting

How these loans work and who they are targeting

Financing for startups, or for those new companies operating in the technological landscape, are European plans that provide for the granting of grants.
The methods provided are forfeit purposes : this is equivalent to saying that a part of the loan must not be returned to the distributor, while the remaining capital benefiting from it may be subject to a subsidy.
The beneficiaries usually correspond to those youth companies that operate in the profile of innovation and communication; we report young entrepreneurs and women’s businesses.

The area involved in this initiative invests our entire country and more than 80 calls are regularly issued every month.
Are still active are some calls for funding for:

  1. The Convergence Objective Regions (Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Campania)
  2. Regional extension calls,
  3. Municipal Announcements.

What is the financing of what is responding?

What is the financing of what is responding?

The items financed by this loan plan usually include business items such as:

  1. Specific equipment and machinery for the incoming activity,
  2. Expenditure related to the start-up of the company,
  3. Building works and installations,
  4. Research and development innovation,
  5. Energy saving / renewable sources,
  6. Consulting and services of various types.

From this year, the new youth companies will be able to benefit from numerous subsidies and non-repayable loans for the start-up and development of their business.

What is and how the Start Up funding database works

Warrant Group has devised an online platform designed to access the funds, and to inform users about active tenders: the latter are detailed for individual Italian regions.
This portal therefore provides a detailed spectrum of analysis about public funds to support start-ups, with the possibility of activating a consultative support facilitated in the event of access to the possibilities available in the area.

The portal, which has all the profile of a large user base for the world of technology and innovation, has the merit of including all the calls for funding, updated daily and available for consultation by new companies and their partner.

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