Loan grants for female entrepreneurship

Becoming a woman entrepreneur in Italy is certainly not simple: the current economic crisis, the prevailing macho mentality that hinders the career paths in pink and the desire to spend more time with their children, are all factors that can make it even more difficult the road to achieve, by the female sex, successful entrepreneurial positions.

Data in Italy on women entrepreneurs

Data in Italy on women entrepreneurs

In Italy, female businesses are growing. According to a Doxa research carried out on behalf of Groupon and carried out on a sample of about 800 female companies partnering with the site, in Italy there are more than 1.3 million companies in pink. In 46% of cases women who own their own businesses are under 40 and 30% of them have a degree. 47% of women entrepreneurs had a job as an employee but decided to pursue a “solo” career anyway. Among the reasons that led to this choice, there is the desire to capitalize on their skills, have more prospects for professional growth, develop their talent and establish themselves. The desire to get rich seems to be the least popular.

How to find financing, tax breaks and tax relief

Once the winning idea has been identified, the women who intend to invest in it can make use of financing, tax breaks and tax breaks of different types. It is essential to monitor the sites and institutions that promote the various projects, given that tenders, tenders and proposals change from year to year and region in the region:

  • Region of belonging or reference;
  • National sites such as Invitalia and, in the case of female entrepreneurship, the site of the Ministry of equal opportunities;
  • Site of the European Commission and the Europe 2020 project.

MISE, (Ministry for Economic Development), has also recently updated on its official website the list of incentives available today for Italian companies, in the form of a downloadable document, entitled ” Support to competitiveness “, in which I present all the opportunities gathered in individual explanatory sheets. Naturally, women entrepreneurs can also take advantage of this funding, even in a cooperative or company, for which MISE has provided for some aid.

The companies mainly made up of women, that is, with two thirds or 60% of female members, have the possibility to be helped by the Fund with a coverage of 80% of the bank financing transactions that address the business activity. An incentive no doubt very important for young people between 18 and 35 and women without personal limits that intend to open small and micro businesses. Thanks to this incentive it will therefore be possible to obtain a zero interest loan to cover 75% of the planned investment, which must not exceed one and a half million euros.

The loans will be granted on the basis of a valuation procedure with a counter procedure. Starting from 13 January 2016, it will be possible to submit a request for facilitation, exclusively by electronic means, by sending the appropriate application, accompanied by business plans and documentation, via the web platform available on the Invitalia portal.



Lastly, as regards grants for female entrepreneurship, it is necessary to consult the announcements published in the Lazette Official. Generally, a non-repayable percentage is paid in part, paid in capital account, while the other with zero or subsidized loans.

Also the conditions to apply for non-repayable loans for female companies vary: the highest score to define the rankings is designated to those coming from situations of difficulty, unemployment, to those with children. In the case of companies, the condition is that the members must be at least 2/3 women and, finally, that the project includes development and training policies.

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